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Here's what people have to say about us...


Ryan M - Parent - Musician - Maplewood

Tony is a great instructor! He integrates teaching the important fundamentals with an interesting and fun atmosphere. He challenges my son, while emphasizing the joy that's found in making music. I'm impressed with his ability to work with people of all ages and abilities, making concepts easy to understand and work on. He's flexible, patient, and super helpful. Thanks Tony!


Jieun Z - Parent - Clayton

Tony is a wonderful drum teacher! He is a talented, motivated, and enthusiastic musician. He has done a great job teaching my 10-year old son, Alex, who is always looking forward to going to his lessons. Tony makes his lessons such a fun and interesting learning experience for the kids. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who's interested in learning how to play drums!


Jilanne B - Parent - Theatrical Artist - Clayton

We absolutely love having Tony as my 6 yr old's drum instructor. Ricky enjoys hanging out with Tony and learning everything from the names of the sticks to new rhythms and beats. Good drummer good instructor... Good person! I even found myself singing along to yellow submarine the other day!! Thank you Tony for sharing your skills!


Steven L - Fellow drum instructor - South County

Tony and I have worked together in the past. He is very passionate about teaching and loves working with kids. Both of us are parents of young children so he really understands how to motivate kids. Way to go, Tony!


Jackie K - Parent - Professional - Affton

We are very happy that we chose Tony Barbata as our son's instructor. He relates well to the student while still advancing any objectives the parents see as important. Josh really enjoys learning more about playing his drum set and Tony has helped him improve his skills for the school band and ensembles. Tony provides a real world perspective as a working musician.


Sarah D - Student - Professional -  Crestwood

So glad when I went thru my mid life crisis, haha, and decided to pick up drums as an adult that I stumbled across Tony. He is very relatable and doesn't make me feel bad when I don't get practice in, he understands I'm a busy working mom. Even with what we just cover during the lesson I still feel like I'm learning and challenging myself. Plus since he makes it fun it also serves as well needed social time amidst my hectic life! :)

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